ACT and SAT Scores Composite

The above animation flips back and forth between two previous maps I posted – SAT scores by state and ACT scores by state (the darker the state, the better the test scores). This animation shows that different states do quite differently between the two tests – likely because of the groups of students who elect to take each test in each respective state. For example, Illinois is the best performing SAT state, possibly because only a small percentage of students there take the SAT (those aiming to get into Ivy League schools). When it comes to the ACT, the standard collegiate entrance test in the state, Illinois fairs at a level much closer to average.
A few states stand out as doing almost equally well (or poor, depending on how you look at it) on each test. Florida and West Virginia are two that stand out to me.

Now, though, let’s take a look at a composite map that combines both test categories:

Here, we see that there is less of a difference between the states test performance as might be implied by some of the individual maps. Minnesota looks to be the best performing state, even though it was not the best state in either individual test. Aside from D.C., Florida appears to have produced the lowest test scores overall – again, this was not true for either individual college entrance test.

The results are interesting, I think. If you’d like to see the data used for these maps, you can do so by visiting the original posts for each test, linked above.

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  2. This map shows test results going back to 2012 – the data will likely be updated again towards the end of this year to reflect all of the 2013 results.

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