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The above is a map of the average reported SAT scores for each state. The darker the state, the better their test scores. Coming in at #1 is Illinois, with an average of 1807 between all three sections. At the low end of the states is Maine, with an average of just 1391 between all three sections. It is important to note, however, the darker states/better scoring states are also often states where the ACT is the dominant test – so perhaps only students with high hopes for college are electing to take the SAT in those states.

Shortly, I will post a map that compares states by their ACT college entrance exam, and we will see how it stacks up. Are some states really that much smarter than others, or are the lower scoring states simply an example of what happens when all students are strongly encouraged to take the SAT?

State Average Score
Illinois 1807
Minnesota 1778
Iowa 1777
Wisconsin 1777
Missouri 1764
Michigan 1761
North Dakota 1759
Kansas 1752
Nebraska 1745
South Dakota 1737
Kentucky 1711
Tennessee 1710
Colorado 1699
Arkansas 1692
Wyoming 1692
Oklahoma 1683
Utah 1667
Mississippi 1660
Louisiana 1651
Alabama 1623
New Mexico 1618
Ohio 1606
Idaho 1598
Montana 1592
Washington 1560
New Hampshire 1559
Massachusetts 1549
Oregon 1540
Arizona 1539
Vermont 1538
Connecticut 1535
Virginia 1516
Alaska 1513
California 1513
West Virginia 1512
New Jersey 1508
Maryland 1492
Rhode Island 1477
North Carolina 1475
Pennsylvania 1473
Indiana 1470
Nevada 1460
New York 1460
Delaware 1455
Hawaii 1448
Florida 1447
Texas 1446
Georgia 1445
South Carolina 1436
Maine 1391
DC 1385

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